Bubble Basket

DIY versatile basket

Material: polypropylene, no woven polypropylene
Both DIY and assembled products available.
Modules can be assembled into other products, such as room dividers, Christmas trees etc. (see Bubble Room divider).
Perfect for shop installations.

A: No. of modules 81; modules’ size ø30cm (large)
     Basket’s size when assembled app. 43 x 35cm
B: No. of modules 216; modules’ size ø18cm (small)
     Basket’s size when assembled app. 40 x 35cm
C: No. of modules 92; modules’ size ø18cm (small)
     Basket’s size when assembled app. 32 x 20cm

In its own way, this self assembly versatile basket addresses the issue of waste reduction. There is no extra packaging and no extra instructions and therefore no extra waste. The modules are wrapped in a simple packet with printed instructions. The packet is made of recycled polypropylene and can also serve as a bag to be inserted into the basket (baskets A, B), or as an apron (basket C). The user is part of the final design / realization process. As an alternative to the wicker basket, the product preserves the handicraft tradition, modernizing it with contemporary content.