1∞ Light

Hand assembled modular light

Material: polypropylene. Table, floor and pendant lights available. Electric cable and/or hanging system included.
Environmentally friendly. Recyclable. Machine washable.
For indoor use only.

Colours: transparent white or clear, transparent smoke
Sizes: S: ø25cm, M: ø40cm, L: ø80cm
Sizes are approximate.
Custom dimensions and shapes are available upon request.

The magic of snow crystals, organisms from the bottom of the sea, the mysterious world of fractals were some of the inspirations for creating the 1∞ collection. The transparent polypropylene conjures a world of fluid little bodies that through the interaction of several layers of light create crystal and lacelike structures. The infinite play of light and shadow, of depth and surface, of micro spaces and motion, reflects the beauty of the infinite in the finite.

The lampshade is composed entirely of layered modules, creating a stable voluminous shape without using any additional constructional or bonding elements.