1∞ Room divider

DIY curtain / wall

Material: polypropylene. Flat packed, self assembly.
Different compositions possible.
The modules can also be used as Christmas tree decorations, mats, cake cups...
Environmentally friendly. Recyclable. Machine washable.
For indoor use only.

Colour of modules:
White curtain: white transparent, white mat
Smoke black curtain: white transparent, smoke transparent, black mat.

Two sizes of modules in package: small: ø16cm, large: ø23cm
No. of modules in package: S: 41pcs (25 large, 16 small)
L: 82pcs (50 large, 32 small)
Size of assembled curtain: S: 100 x 100cm, L: 100 x 200cm
Sizes can vary according to the way of assembling.
Custom sizes and combinations available upon request.

1∞ Room divider is a part of the BelaBela’s 1∞ collection. The basis of the collection is a versatile 2D element. It can function as an independent object or as a „construction unit“ that can be made of different materials and assembled into various surfaces and structures, forming a wide spectrum of interesting objects. The most special characteristic of the element is its capability to be used and composed in 2D and 3D ways. Some od the products are self assembly and can be dissassembled and reassembled into other forms, structures and objects according to user’s personal needs...